• Strategic Relocation Full Length Video

    Posted on November 9, 2012 by in Prepping

    Strategic Relocation Full Length VideoLast night the Premier of Strategic Relocation Full Length Video by Joel Skousen and Alex Jones was released on Infowars.com . You can see it on their Tv channel PrisonPlanet.tv and decide for your self if its time to start preparing the way this documentary lays it out. The film is a video version of his book Strategic Relocation—Third Edition  . Some content in the book is not in the video so we suggest you grab one before they sell out again. Also some content in the video is not in the book so enjoy both of them together to get the best source of information on this topic of preparing for all types of disasters and civil unrest.

    If you Register for an account at Prison Planet Tv you can watch to film in full! It only 5 dollars for a membership that allows you to watch all of the films that Alex Jones and other film makers produce on various topics.

    Stratigic Relocation Full Length Video

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