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    Posted on November 9, 2012 by in Build A Bomb Shelter

    Bomb Shelters

    For those of you that feel we have no threat of a nuclear attack and think that bomb shelters are unnecessary and don’t want oneĀ  just in-case…well think again! Here is a video of our own government officials sharing their real concerns on the threat of a nuclear war. You only have a matter of time before you have no choice but to deal with this reality. Contact us today for a quote on building bomb shelters for you and your family!

    Also your local Grocery stores only have a 3 day supply of food at all times so having a place like this to store your survival goods will be the best way to hide your store-able food when the public realizes that they don’t have a way to feed themselves or their family.

    The 33 Minutes film trailer gives viewers a seven minute preview of the groundbreaking film about missile defense in America. The HD film will be released February 2009, and will outline what immediate steps need to be taken to protect America and its citizens.

    After viewing this video are you still not convinced that its a good idea to have your own shelter for the peace of mind? Its not crazy to have a Bomb Shelter, its insane to think that you will never need one in this day and age. We are not exempt from going through the same disasters as other countries have. Even if a nuclear attack doesn’t happen, whose says that a food shortage or a civil unrest cant happen in the near future? Your only fooling yourself if you assume that our Government will protect us when the worst comes to pass!

    Bomb Shelters

    Custom Bomb Shelters

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