• Call an Expert Team When You Need Bomb Shelter Restoration

    Posted on November 17, 2013 by in bomb shelter restoration

    bomb shelter restorationWhen you discovered the bomb shelter, you probably laughed thinking that you would never need it, but with the latest news about the nuclear activity in Syria and other countries, you must have considered a bomb shelter restoration at least once.The Cold War was the period when such shelters were built in many countries, by the authorities, in order to protect crucial military facilities as well as high-ranking officials of the government, but also by common people worried about the safety of their loved ones.

    The main requirement for such a shelter to be built was a business with a robust basement, a safe space below the ground level. These buildings were marked with the yellow and black sign resembling a trefoil.
    As time went by, it left its print on them, weakening their structure and taking away from the safety and protection they could offer. Nowadays, these buildings could only protect people in case of bombing and other terrorists attack if significant bomb shelter restoration and consolidation works are performed.

    Unfortunately not any contractor can handle such works. These shelters are designed and engineered to successfully mitigate a number of threats, to withstand impact, earthquakes and other similar disasters.
    Given that the stake of the restoration works is the safety of your loved ones and your own, it is important that you hire the right people for the job, experienced professionals who have handled similar projects before, who have the expertise, the equipment and the materials to ensure the best results.

    Here are five reasons to leave your bomb shelter restoration project to a specialized company:
    • To have parameters like threat levels, radiation and blast overpressure correctly identified;
    • To have the assets that are going to be protected – people, food, water, possessions and so on – inventoried as far as their size, weight and storage conditions requirements are concerned;
    • To have the site and its geotechnical conditions properly evaluated;
    • To assess the time period throughout which the shelter will be functional and to ensure a lifespan as long as possible for it;
    • Good knowledge on the regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction on bomb shelter restoration and construction projects.

    The United States National Planning Attack Scenario considers that a 10 Kiloton Improvised Nuclear Device detonation would be the most likely incident that could happen. This is almost as powerful as the Hiroshima bomb (12 KT) and half as powerful as the Nagasaki bomb (22 KT).The scenario imagines a 10 Kiloton bomb being detonated in a large metropolitan city’s center. Casualties would range in the hundreds of thousands, while infrastructure damage could be in 1 to 3 miles. As estimated, more than one million people would attempt self-rescue by evacuation. Contamination could extend over more than 3,000 square miles.As a consequence, shelters should be provided with independent water supplies and power sources. They could serve as primary dwellings, vacation homes, long term shelters, corporate retreats or multi-functional compounds.

    It is practically impossible to provide protection against any type of threat or hazard, but a balanced approach would focus on some functions and types of threats, and would, at the same time, fit a budget.
    This is the point where experience and know-how make the difference between contractors. A specialized company should be preferable to general purpose engineers and architects for bomb shelter restoration or consolidation work

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