• North Korea Threats Increasing Need For Bomb Shelter Construction

    Posted on April 4, 2013 by in bomb shelter construction

    Bomb Shelter Construction INCREASESIf your still sitting on the fence about if you should pull the trigger and get your bomb shelter construction started then it might be the time to jump off and get going. As of today North Korea has made the most serious threats to nuke the United States than ever before. No matter what day they threaten to attack, its better to be more safe than sorry !

    More on North Korea’s Threats Below

    North Korea’s military ratcheted up its threat to carry out a nuclear strike on the U.S. to new heights Thursday — just hours after the Pentagon announced the deployment of an American ballistic missile defense system to Guam.

    Claiming that the “moment of explosion is approaching fast” and that war could break out “today or tomorrow,” the General Staff of North Korea’s military claimed in a statement to the nation’s official government-run news agency that it has final approval to carry out “merciless” strikes on the United States.

    The statement appeared to come in response to Washington’s decision to enhance U.S. military assets in the region and to the Obama administration’s own ramping up of rhetoric toward North Korea in recent days.

    The escalation comes as senior administration officials say that they are searching for ways to defuse the situation, which also saw North Korea on Wednesday block South Koreans from accessing a border industrial park that has long stood as an important, albeit precarious, symbol of cooperation on the Korean Peninsula.


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